Refresher Courses on Coding

I decided to take some free online courses and some new courses to prepare for interviewing.

I looked at the courses recommends and then I went to this course: Learn HTML & CSS

It begins with the basics.

“The term “boilerplate code” is used to describe the basic HTML code required to begin creating a web page. Without all of the elements in the boilerplate code, you’ll risk starting without the minimum requirements considered to be best practice.”


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My Coding Journal</title>
<h1> Hello World!</h1>

  1. The <!DOCTYPE html>declaration should always be the first line of code in your HTML files.
  2. The <html> element will contain all of your HTML code.
  3. Information about the web page, like the title, belongs within the <head> of the page.
  4. You can add a title to your web page by using the <title>element, inside of the head.
  5. Code for visible HTML content will be placed inside of the <body> element

I will need to put some more time into daily programming to this to be prepared to interview and work in programming.

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