Learning the Common Elements

I am on day 2 of my html refresher course. I have used html in the past and this is just a review for me.

These are some of the common elements in html:


  1. Headings:  <h1> through <h6>.
  2. Paragraphs : <p> element.
  3. Unordered lists: <ul> element
  4.  list items: <li> element.
  5. Ordered lists: <ol> element 
  6. Links:  <a> element – also use the href attribute!
  7. Images: <img> element –  also use the src attribute!
  8. Images help support visually impaired users when <img>elements include the alt attribute.
  9. Links:  <a>element.
  10. Indentation: The W3C recommends 2 spaces of indentation for nested HTML elements.
  11. Comments : <!-- This is a comment -->.

I also set up a YouTube Channel that I plan to use to post future videos I do on coding.

I plan on spending more time coding and just doing brief postings right now.

My posts may get longer when I start doing videos to go with my posts.


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