Changing Focus To Web Development

I started networking in Miami Tech this week. I also decided to change my Focus to Web Development.

I was planning to focus on Java. I like Java, C++ and C languages and that is my comfort zone.

The reason I am changing to Web development is that I think it will work better with my other goals. This took some time and soul searching to make this decision.

Now it is made and I can begin.

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Having Ice Cream Today

I went off my diet. I had Ice Cream today.

And then I downloaded and installed ice cream on my laptop.

Now I can start recording programming videos.  I am excited about this 🙂

Programming update: I finished a JavaScript class. I also started reviewing Java.

Now I am going to start making videos. I expect I will need to practice each one several times. I don’t know when the first one will be ready and posted.



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Learning JavaScript

Yesterday I started JavaScript classes on Codecademy and Coursera.

I recently finished a course on HTML & CSS.

I have used these in the past, but I am reviewing them for job interviewing & work.

I also plan to start doing some Java programming daily also. I already know Java, this is also for interviewing & work.

Hopefully I will ad din the Java this week.

Digital Media classes start the following week and I will need to add those back into my schedule.

Along with full-time work hours, working out and personal development.

And I also need to plan some weekly time to do some blogs & vlogs.

And then the Job search time.

Better to be prepared to interview and work before applying.

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Learning CSS

Today I reviewed some of the CSS fundamentals and colors.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used with HTML to build web pages. More information is found at:

Some Basics:

HTML and CSS are usually kept in separate files in order to keep code maintainable and readable, as well as keep structure separate from styling.

The <style>element allows you to write CSS code within an HTML file.

A CSS stylesheet can be linked to an HTML file using the <link>element, which requires three attributes:

  • href- set equal to the path of the CSS file.
  • type- set equal to text/css.
  • rel- set equal to stylesheet.

More Basics:

  • A CSS selector targets an HTML element.
  • CSS declarations style HTML elements.
  • Declarations must contain the following two things:
  • property – the property  to style.
  • value – the value for the property
  • CSS declarations must end in a semicolon (;)
  • A CSS rule consists of a CSS selector and the declarations inside of the selector.
  • Comments: /* comment */

Tomorrow I will blog about colors and fonts.u


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Learning the Common Elements

I am on day 2 of my html refresher course. I have used html in the past and this is just a review for me.

These are some of the common elements in html:


  1. Headings:  <h1> through <h6>.
  2. Paragraphs : <p> element.
  3. Unordered lists: <ul> element
  4.  list items: <li> element.
  5. Ordered lists: <ol> element 
  6. Links:  <a> element – also use the href attribute!
  7. Images: <img> element –  also use the src attribute!
  8. Images help support visually impaired users when <img>elements include the alt attribute.
  9. Links:  <a>element.
  10. Indentation: The W3C recommends 2 spaces of indentation for nested HTML elements.
  11. Comments : <!-- This is a comment -->.

I also set up a YouTube Channel that I plan to use to post future videos I do on coding.

I plan on spending more time coding and just doing brief postings right now.

My posts may get longer when I start doing videos to go with my posts.


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Refresher Courses on Coding

I decided to take some free online courses and some new courses to prepare for interviewing.

I looked at the courses recommends and then I went to this course: Learn HTML & CSS

It begins with the basics.

“The term “boilerplate code” is used to describe the basic HTML code required to begin creating a web page. Without all of the elements in the boilerplate code, you’ll risk starting without the minimum requirements considered to be best practice.”


<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My Coding Journal</title>
<h1> Hello World!</h1>

  1. The <!DOCTYPE html>declaration should always be the first line of code in your HTML files.
  2. The <html> element will contain all of your HTML code.
  3. Information about the web page, like the title, belongs within the <head> of the page.
  4. You can add a title to your web page by using the <title>element, inside of the head.
  5. Code for visible HTML content will be placed inside of the <body> element

I will need to put some more time into daily programming to this to be prepared to interview and work in programming.

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Shall We Begin?

Actually, I have already begun. I have started to prepare for interviewing and working as a software developer. I have also decided to document my coding journey from this point forward. That is the purpose of this site and blog: 

I currently have 2 other blogs:

Preparing and interviewing for software development work is going to take some daily work. Like any job, you have to do the basics:

  • resume
  • social media profiles
  • interview practice
  • networking
  • searching
  • applications
  • letters
  • salary research
  • company research

Those are just some of the things I can think of right now. I am using a guide that was recommended:

The other preparation that I need to do is for the Technical Interviews. For this I have purchased: Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell.

So I have a lot of work to do.

Fortunately, I enjoy programming.  I have not been programming recently due to the combination of school and work. I rearranged my schedules so that I can make time to program again.

I decided to document as I go, without being perfect. I will work on my websites also as I go.

The thing with technology is it is always advancing and you have to stay up to date. There are always new skills to learn.


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